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Holly Gilbert Stowell
Associate Editor
Expertise: Physical Security

​​​​Holly Gilbert Stowell has a M.A. in journalism from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and a B.A. in English from Transylvania University. During her master’s program, she interned at CNN’s United Nations Bureau and later at Money Magazine. Before working at Security Management, Holly was a production assistant at CNN in Washington, D.C. where she worked on the primetime shows John King USA and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Holly moved to Washington in the fall of 2010 when she was awarded a fellowship with the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism.

Articles by Holly Embraces High-Tech Hospitality the Solution and Secure,-Facial-Recognition-at-Airports-Raises-Concerns,-U.S.-Navy-Destroyer-Crash-Update,-and-M.aspx2017-06-27T04:00:00ZTech Giants Fight Online Terrorism, Facial Recognition at Airports Raises Concerns, U.S. Navy Destroyer Crash Update, and More Among Countries Affected by Petya Ransomware Attack,-Poll-on-Trump’s-Travel-Ban,-Girl-Scouts-to-Offer-Cybersecurity-Badges.aspx2017-06-20T04:00:00ZAmerican Student Imprisoned by North Korea Dies, Poll on Trump’s Travel Ban, Girl Scouts to Offer Cybersecurity Badges, and More Cost of Data Breach Declines Globally for First Time,-Medical-Marijuana-Amendment-Threatened,-North-Korean-Drone-Photographs.aspx2017-06-13T04:00:00ZThe Challenge of Pinpointing Terrorists, Medical Marijuana Amendment Threatened, North Korean Drone Photographs U.S. Missile Defense System, and More,-U.K.-Voters-Head-to-Polls,-Cybersecurity-Worker-Shortage,-and-More.aspx2017-06-08T04:00:00ZCourt Upholds Colorado Marijuana Laws, U.K. Voters Head to Polls, Cybersecurity Worker Shortage, and More,-Leaked-NSA-Document-Indicates-Russian-Interference-in-U.S.-Elections,-Orlando-Workplace-.aspx2017-06-06T04:00:00ZLondon Attackers Identified, Leaked NSA Document Indicates Russian Interference in U.S. Elections, Orlando Workplace Violence Shooting Leaves Five Dead, and More Attention! and the Turnstile Targets: What Security Professionals Can Learn From the Manchester Attack;-Driver-Kills-Pedestrian-and-Injures-Dozens-in-NYC;-Trump-Asked-Official.aspx2017-05-23T04:00:00ZDeath Toll Rises to 22 in Manchester Terror Attack; Driver Kills Pedestrian and Injures Dozens in NYC; Trump Asked Officials to Push Back Against FBI Probe, and More,-Trump-Administration-Under-Fire,-Pregnancy-Discrimination-Lawsuit-Against-.aspx2017-05-16T04:00:00ZSyria Accused of Cremating Thousands of Executed Prisoners, Trump Administration Under Fire, Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Against Walmart, and More,-245-Missing-After-Mediterranean-Shipwrecks,-SCOTUS-to-Discuss-Cel.aspx2017-05-09T04:00:00ZYates Testifies She Warned Trump White House about Flynn, 245 Missing After Mediterranean Shipwrecks, SCOTUS to Discuss Cell Site Data Cases, and More,-Survey-Finds--.aspx2017-05-09T04:00:00ZIT Security Professionals Admit To Hiding Data Breaches in New Survey,-Portland-Rally-Turns-Violent,-Russian-and-German-Leaders-Meet,-and-More.aspx2017-05-02T04:00:00ZU.S. Travel Warning for Europe, Portland Rally Turns Violent, Russian and German Leaders Meet over Syria and Crimea, and More an Active Shooter to San Bernardino