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Secure Mobile Video<div class="body"> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>Silent Circle </strong> </span>of National Harbor, Maryland, is offering the Silent Phone secure encrypted data communications service for Android and Apple iOS devices. The application enables secure video via smartphone over 3G, 4G, EDGE, and Wi-Fi networks. The custom-built Silent Network protects voice and video call data from interception and eavesdropping. It also offers high-fidelity communications using the ZRTP peer-to-peer encryption protocol, which eliminates third-party encryption key management and tampering risks. Customers can download the Silent Phone app from Google Play or the App Store and create a Silent Circle account, which features a unique phone number for secure, end-to-end encrypted calls between any two subscrib­ers. With the Out-Circle Access option enabled, encrypted calls can be made to regular phone lines </p> </div>
Card Printer<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="96" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>Global Enterprise Tech­nol­ogies Corp.</strong> </span> (GET Group) of Waltham, Massachusetts, has introduced the CP500 identification card printer, an advanced desktop retransfer printer that combines the superior forensics of 600-dpi pigment ink with user-upgradeable encoding features to deliver a secure card printing solution. It can produce contactless, contact, and magnetic stripe identification. The print pro­cess enables edge-to-edge printing and the use of programmed primers over specific areas allows for chip technology and encoded data anywhere on the card without lamination cutouts. A tamper-evident seal protects against image or data alteration, and users can add holograms, barcodes, microtext, and other security elements. </p> </div>
Cargo Security<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="95" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>TrakLok Corporation</strong> </span> of Knoxville, Tennessee, has unveiled a new cargo security system that fits a broad range of trailers and intermodal con­tain­­ers. The next-generation Geo­Lok features a lighter, easier-to-install platform while retaining the robust physical security, alarm system, and tracking features of the original. The GeoLok withstands prying, cutting, and impact tools, and it will send alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo. The TrakLog Web portal allows us­ers to configure the security profile based on their business needs. Geo­fenc­ing and chronofencing capabilities prohibit the lock from opening if it is outside a prescribed area and time frame. </p> </div>
Event Access Control<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="96" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>Schreiner PrinTrust</strong> </span> of Oberschleissheim, Germany, offers a comprehensive solution for access accreditation at major events. Event organizers can grant specific access to press, caterers, and security personnel, in addition to their own employees. The solution includes software, badges, and readers that can be tailored for the particular event. Visible security features such as holograms and shifting colors can be integrated into the design, as well as covert security features like copy detection technology. Badge monitoring is local, mobile, and autono­mous, so no online access to data is required. </p> </div>
Name Badges<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="91" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>Badgetec</strong> </span> of New City, New York, has introduced new laser- and inkjet-printable sheets for producing name badges with­out plastic sleeves. The 81⁄2 x 11-inch sheets of cardstock or white polyester are die-cut with a slot for attaching to lanyards or clips. Badges are available in two rectangular and two circular sizes, with Micro­soft Word templates for easy configuration and printing. Cardtag badges can be used with lanyards or Badgetec’s clothing-safe Contour Clip, which attaches to the edge of a garment like a paper clip. </p> </div>
POWERED CONNECTORS<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="144" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong></strong> </span> of Lockbourne, Ohio, has released a new RS-232 connector with selectable power output for use in point-of-sale and surveillance installations. The PCI Express Serial Card (PEX25952PW) ena­bles users to configure the voltage output of RS-232 serial ports, based on the requirements of connected devices. Two high-speed ports offer data transfer rates of up to 920 Kbps. Users can select 5 volts or 12 volts of power, and surge protection covers all signal pins. The device includes both low- and full-profile brackets for installations in small form factor computers. </p> </div>
Remote Building Management<div class="body"> <p>The Remote Concierge from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong> Datawatch Systems </strong></span>of Beth­esda, Maryland, remotely monitors natural disasters before and during impact, enabl­ing better communication and dissemination of information, including the ability to manage building access. It features access phones, which are programed to call Datawatch’s central station to screen visitors and alert tenants and building staff about lockouts, emergency maintenance requests, and life safety emergencies. An e-mail update capability allows communication to multiple lists. The SafeRise feature provides facial, vocal, and behavioral recognition via camera for access control. The GuardWatch application monitors building card access and can lock and unlock elevators and doors. </p> </div>
TWO-WAY TRANSCEIVER<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="123" /> </div> <p>The PowerSeries 2-Way Wireless Transceiver Module TR5164-433 transforms the hybrid PowerSeries alarm control panel into a wireless system that requires hardwiring only for the panel and receiver. New from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>Digital Security Controls</strong></span> (DSC) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, part of Tyco Security Products, this add-on module ena­bles dealers to extend the capabilities of a customer’s traditional alarm system with the addition of up to four wire­less keypads. It supports 60 wireless zones, 16 wireless keys, and both two-way and one-way DSC wireless devices. The unit is ideal where customers do not want to damage walls by installing wires, and it allows for easy installation and enrollment. </p> </div>