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Background Screening<div class="body"> <p> <font color="#ff0000"> <strong>National Background Data, LLC</strong> </font>, of Rockville, Maryland, is providing a new background screening service especially for online dating and volunteer organizations. Registry CrimSAFE automates the evaluation of criminal records and quickly delivers concise criminal screening decisions. By removing subjectivity from the screening process and enforcing consistent screening decisions, the service increases the effectiveness of a company’s background screening program. The service takes into consideration the inconsistencies between states’ criminal reporting. It also helps organizations determine how to handle different types of offenses. <span style="font-size&#58;12pt;font-family&#58;&quot;times new roman&quot;;"></span></p> </div>
Baggage Screening<div class="body"> <p>The Advanced Threat Identification X-ray (aTiX) machines from <font color="#ff0000"><strong>Smiths Detection </strong></font>of Pine Brook, New Jersey, provide carry-on baggage screening that detects more potential threats. Unlike earlier x-ray systems, aTiX captures multiple views of bags in a single sweep in the normal throughput time. It includes software algorithms that help the operator detect potentially harmful items, and the software can be easily upgraded as new threats emerge. It automatically detects explosives in real time, while allowing for maximum baggage throughput. The system was field tested by the Transportation Security Administration alongside competing systems, and was chosen for use in airports in Albuquerque, Denver, and other U.S. cities. It is also widely used in the United Kingdom. <span style="FONT-SIZE&#58;12pt;FONT-FAMILY&#58;&quot;Times New Roman&quot;;"></span></p> </div>
Encryption<div class="body"> <p> <font color="#ff0000"> <strong>Spotted Dingo</strong> </font> of Westchester County, New York, has released a new desktop application that allows users to encrypt multiple electronic files using the DES (64-bit), RC2 (128-bit), or Triple DES (192-bit) encryption algorithm into one manageable file. Using Microsoft .NET technology, CryptoBriefcase allows business professionals to easily encrypt sensitive documents before taking files out of the office or placing them on servers for transmission to clients. All of the files within the briefcase are automatically decrypted back to their original state by entering the same password used in encrypting them. <span style="FONT-SIZE&#58;12pt;FONT-FAMILY&#58;&quot;Times New Roman&quot;;"></span></p> </div>
Handheld Video<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="220" /> </div> <p>CCTV systems from <strong><font color="#ff0000">Geutebruck GmbH</font></strong> of Windhagen, Germany, can now be accessed and operated from a BlackBerry. Users can view pictures, control dome and pan-tilt cameras, receive pictures and alarm information, and rely on the alarm handling system to document alarm responses and resets. Control center operators can send pictures of suspects or incidents from their monitors directly to the mobile patrols for identification and apprehension of suspects. In remote monitoring situations, mobile patrols can have video images, site plans, and full alarm information sent automatically to their mobile terminals. The integration of the video systems with the Mobile Secure Interaction System is the result of cooperation with Netzlink Informationstechnik GmbH of Braunschweig, Germany. <span style="FONT-SIZE&#58;12pt;FONT-FAMILY&#58;&quot;Times New Roman&quot;;"></span></p> </div>
Window Protection<div class="body"> <p>Impact Protection Adhesive from <font color="#ff0000"><strong>3M</strong></font> of St. Paul, Minnesota, is applied around the window frame and bonds the glass, window film, and frame together, improving protection against severe weather damage, bomb blasts, and intruders. Designed for use with 3M Ultra Safety &amp; Security window films, the adhesive is part of a comprehensive window protection system. The first level, 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Film, helps hold shards of glass together when glass is broken. The next level, adding the adhesive, creates a stronger barrier to keep out water and debris, as well as smash and grab attempts of intruders. The highest level is achieved by adding 3M Impact Protection Profile, a flexible gasket-style attachment that bonds the filmed window and frame and incorporates 3M VHB tape, providing a clean appearance and a strong barrier. <span style="FONT-SIZE&#58;12pt;FONT-FAMILY&#58;&quot;Times New Roman&quot;;"></span></p> </div>