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Access Control<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="70" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>Digital Monitoring Products</strong> </span> of Springfield, Missouri, has released new panels in the XR150/350/550 Series with 32-bit processors that operate 20 times faster than the DMP XR500 panel. The new panels deliver powerful access control capabilities, with 10/100 Ethernet auto-sensing that ensures fast network connection. They offer enhanced scheduling features, card plus pin arming and disarming, user inactivity audits, and 128- bit or 256-bit encryption. The XR550 panel includes built-in LX buses, so there is no need to install additional cards for expansion. Optional plug-on 3G Verizon and 4G AT&amp;T cellular communicators allow for MyAccess, the DMP App, and central station connection. </p> </div>
Biometric Time Clock<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="214" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>SwipeClock </strong> </span>of Salt Lake City, Utah, has extended its line of timekeeping solutions by add­ing the Schlage biometric Hand­Punch GT-400 from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>Ing­ersoll Rand Security Tech­nol­ogies </strong></span>of Carmel, Indiana. The sophisticated timekeeping solution allows organizations to record and verify an employ­ee’s punch by the size and shape of the hand. A printed hand outline ensures accurate hand placement while punching. The platen, keypad, and function keys are infused with an antimicrobial agent to reduce bacterial buildup. The ATM-style interface and large display al­low for efficient, flexible data collection. The unit can be configured to meet most networking needs or online operation. </p> </div>
EMERGENCY PHONE<div class="body"> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>GAI-Tronics Corporation</strong> </span> of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, has introduced new camera-ready emergency telephones to complement its line of RED ALERT Emergency Telephones. Designed to provide clear, reliable telephone communications in almost any environment, all models are Type-3R weatherproof and ADA-compliant. They are self-monitoring when used with the company’s Telephone Management Application (TMA) software. Operation is completely line-powered and requires no external power source. The ana­log CCD camera requires a standard 75-ohm video connection and 12 VDC power. Its operation is independent of the telephone and it can be used for local area surveillance or telephone user identification. </p> </div>
Night Vision<div class="body"> <p>The Night Vision Security Enhancer, Night VISER, is an infrared illuminator and motion-sensing system from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>ARA Security System</strong></span><span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>s</strong></span> of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The portable, rugged, rapidly deployable, wireless system works with night-vision goggles. Four disposa­ble nodes are linked to a hand-held remote via a radio-frequency signal. When the motion sensor is triggered, a signal is sent indicating a breach, and the illuminator comes on to highlight the threat. At night, intruders can’t see the light unless they are wearing night-vision goggles. In day mode, the infrared is turned off, and operators are notified by radio. </p> </div>
Perimiter Protection<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="145" /> </div> <p>The latest integration module from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>Indi­goVision </strong></span>of Edison, New Jersey, enables IndigoVision’s IP video security solution to work seamlessly with the perimeter protection and detection systems from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>Geoquip Worldwide </strong></span>of Little Eaton, United Kingdom. Events and alarms from the Geoquip system automatically trigger live video or move pan-tilt-zoom cameras within the software user interface Control Center to focus on a position where suspicious activity has been detected. Notification e-mails can also be activated. </p> </div>
SUSPECT TAGGING<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="96" /> </div> <p>The <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>SelectaDNA High Velocity System</strong></span> from Selectamark of Locksbottom, United Kingdom, allows law enforcement officers to mark individuals in a crowd or at a distance with a synthetic DNA trace mark so they can be apprehended at a later time. A DNA pellet with a unique code is fired from a rifle or pistol device. The nonlethal pellet leaves a trace mark that will last up to two weeks and can be identified using a special ultraviolet reader. Pellets are supplied in packages of 14 units, each with the same DNA code. </p> </div>
Versatile Security<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="109" /> </div> <p>The latest version of the Pro-Watch security management system from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>Honeywell </strong></span>of Louis­ville, Kentucky, offers support for access control, video surveillance, and intrusion systems from more manufacturers. The Pro-Watch 4.1 allows users to manage all the systems from one platform. The new version supports Honeywell’s Vindicator intrusion detection system, SALTO disconnected readers, and Mercury Security control panels. Available in four editions that accommodate small businesses to global enterprises, the system gives companies the flexibility to upgrade existing security systems as needs change. </p> </div>
Visitor Passes<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="144" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"> <strong>Badgetec </strong> </span>of New City, New York, has introduced a new featherweight visitor pass that safely clips onto garments for clear visibility and easy reading. The passes can be round for easier differentiation from rectangular employee badges. Because it needs no plastic holder or adhesives, the cardpass weighs only 3 grams and attaches via a Contour Clip that does not harm clothing. Passes are made of durable cardstock or waterproof polyester and come on standard sheets that can be printed on most office laser or inkjet printers. All products are made in the United States. </p> </div>