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Ticket Booth<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="186" /> </div> <p>The Hornblower is the latest booth design created by <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);"><strong>B.I.G. Enterprises</strong></span>of South El Monte, California. Designed as a ticket booth for San Francisco’s harsh marina environment, it includes essential weather-resistant features. It is manufactured with painted stainless steel, roll-down shutters; a standing-seam roof; and multiple color finish. Finished with rust-inhibitive epoxy primer and a two-part polyur­e­thane coat, its exterior resists impact, fading, graffiti, and chemical damages. It has electrical fittings and includes provisions for data, communication, and security camera systems. It also features stainless steel shelves and a high-output HVAC system. While this model was intended to serve as a ticket booth, it can be altered for other applications. </p> </div>
Video Management<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="90" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);"> <strong>Milestone Systems </strong> </span>of Co­p­en­hagen, Denmark, has released XProtect Corporate 5 video management software with XProtect Smart Client 7. Premium software for high-risk security installations, XProtect Corporate 5 supports an unlimited number of cameras, users, and sites. It offers interactive multilayered maps linked to alarms. It also supports flexible retrieval of video and audio stored in the camera, optimizing bandwidth use, and the ability to securely connect remote cameras over the Internet. XProtect Smart Client 7 offers a streamlined interface, an efficient working environment, and a new digital signature to detect tampering. </p> </div>
Compact Encoder<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="244" /> </div> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);"> <strong>Axis Communications </strong> </span>of Chelms­ford, Massachusetts, has introduced a small, cost-effective, one-channel video encoder with H.264 video compression. The AXIS M7001 Video Encoder can integrate any type of analog CCTV surveillance cameras into network video surveillance systems. It can deliver two simultaneous video streams—one in H.264 and one in M-JPEG. The encoder also enables users to adjust image settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation to improve images before encoding. Video motion detection is also supported. Its small size makes it ideal for use in camera housings and discreet surveillance applications, and it can be purchased with a small co­vert camera in the AXIS M7001 Co­vert Surveillance Kit. </p> </div>
Guard Training<div class="body"> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);"> <strong>AlliedBarton Security Services</strong> </span> of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, has launched the AlliedBarton EDGE, a professionally designed and executed approach to training and development. The new program includes eLearning through an enhanced Learning Management System, providing employees with on-demand access to learning modules important to current roles and in preparation for additional responsibilities and career advancement. The program is comprised of a nationwide network of more than 140 trainers; online, classroom, and self-study modules; a mentoring program; industry-specific training; leadership training developed with a major university; and a host of other learning and development opportunities. The company educates clients on the EDGE through a virtual tour at <a title="" href="http&#58;//"></a>. </p> </div>
Phone Authentication<div class="body"> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);"> <strong>PhoneFactor</strong> </span> of Overland Park, Kansas, offers a two-factor authentication service that uses any mobile or landline phone as the second form of authentication. One application of the service protects a patient’s confidentiality when a doctor needs to refer to hospital re­cords from a remote office. The doctor keys a user ID and password into the hospital network. At that point, the doctor’s cell phone rings, prompting him or her to confirm the login. If the doctor keys in the correct PIN on the phone, access is granted; if not, the hospital IT department is alerted and access to the network is denied. The service features quick setup and eliminates the need for tokens, smart cards, and certificates. </p> </div>