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Alarm Communication<p>​The sunset of the 2G wireless network will take place at the end of 2016. NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., of Amityville, New York, is addressing this event with its StarLink radios, which can convert users to the AT&amp;T 3G/4G or the Verizon CDMA network and ensure connectivity. StarLink radios enable easy and affordable conversion. They work on all panels and applications, report to any central alarm station, offer nationwide coverage, and are powered by the panel, so no separate power supply is required.</p>
Encryption<p>​Mon-K Data Protection Ltd. of London and Milan introduced Secure-K Personal Edition, an encrypted operat­ing system in a USB key with military-level security. It includes Secure-Mail, Secure- Chat, and Secure-Web to encrypt email, chats, online calls, and anonymous In­­­­­t­­er­­net navigation. The multiplatform solution, equipped with Secure-K OS, re­quires no software installation and functions on almost any PC, even older models. The two levels of encryption, hardware and software, provide maximum security. The solution includes a backup and recovery system from DigitalArx, which allows information to be shared and synchronized.</p>
Security Robot<p>​Gamma 2 Robotics of Lakewood, Colorado, and Hexagon Safety &amp; Infrastructure of Madison, Alabama, partnered to launch a security robot that integrates with security systems. RAMSEE is a physical presence that patrols autonomously without supervision, providing real-time data on intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gas, and more. The two companies integrated the robot into a comprehensive physical security information management solution featuring Hexagon’s command-and-control software and multiple security systems and sensors. The robots can replace human guards in tedious, dangerous, and other patrol duties that are hard to staff.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/11-16%20Gamma%202%20Robotics.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Biometric Software<p>​A new version of LiveScan software from 3M of St. Paul, Minnesota, provides easier, faster, and more adaptable capture, storage, and dispersal of demographic and biometric information for law enforcement. LiveScan 5.0 supports biometrics including fingerprint, palm print, iris, facial, and SMT images. The intuitive biometric capture process guides users and allows officers to book criminals us­ing fewer clicks for the same tasks. The software verifies the quality of demographic data entered, and an automatic trigger helps capture high-quality biometric images. A training mode is built right into the platform so users can learn quickly and on their own schedules.</p>
IP Video System<p>​Honeywell of Northford, Connecticut, offers video technology to help security professionals more easily design connected building systems. New additions to the product line include 14 new equIP series cameras designed to produce bet­ter picture quality in the most challenging conditions and two new HDZ PTZ cameras with vandal-resistant housings that provide high-quality images in low-light scenes. A new version of MAXPRO network video recorder has a new status mon­itor and video archival system. The equIP cameras, HDZ cameras, and MAXPRO NVRs integrate with Honeywell and third-party ONVIF S and G products for a complete, fully integrated IP solution.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/11-16%20Honeywell%20HDS%20PTZ.jpg" width="323" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Wireless Booster<p>​D-Link of Fountain Valley, California, introduced a new wireless PoE Outdoor Access Point (DAP-3320). Built to withstand outdoor environments, it expands the coverage and signal strength of any wireless network. It can be used as a wireless bridge for an outdoor IP camera, eliminating the need for cabling and trenching, and it can support a large number of wireless clients. Advanced security features include WPA/WAPA2 wireless LAN segmentation and VLAN support. A built-in antenna ensures that the signal will cover a wide area. Four operation modes allow it to adapt to any situation.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0916%20Marketplace%20D-Link%20Wireless%20PoE%20Outdoor%20Access%20Point.jpg" width="182" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Warning Devices<p>​E2S Warning Signals of Houston, Texas, announced its new STEx premium stainless steel flameproof warning device family for use in corrosive onshore and offshore environments. The family is launched with ATEX and IEC IECEx approvals; testing to other relevant global standards is currently underway. The STEx family consists of alarm horn sounders with either flared or omnidi­rec­tional radial horns, loudspeakers, strobe beacons, rotating halogen beacons, LED beacons, and combined units. All sounder and strobe enclosure bodies are manufactured from stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Beacons and junction boxes have four M20 entries; sounders and combined units have three M20 entries.</p><img alt="" height="214" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/E2S%20STEx.jpg" width="300" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Electronic Locks<p>​Schlage, from Dublin-based Allegion, created advanced lock products to help multifamily-property owners secure and manage their units while streamlining operations. Schlage Control Smart Inter­connected Locks with ENGAGE technology provide multifamily-property owners with scala­ble, efficiency-boosting capabili­ties. Access can now be achieved via smartphone or a new, thinner keyfob. Using cloud-based mobile or Web apps, facility staff can configure and manage access from virtually any­where, while the open architecture de­sign offers the freedom to choose the best third-party software solution. The keyless design improves security by eliminating the cylinder.</p>
Cloud-Based Access<p>​ISONAS Inc. of Boulder, Colorado, introduced its new software platform, Pure Access Cloud. This cloud-based software brings new features and functionality to access control that highlight the unique capabilities of a Pure IP hardware solution. The software platform provides a modern user interface that can easily manage an unlimited number of access points across any geography via a mobile device, tablet, or browser. The cloud transforms the way people interact with their access control systems, because it is accessible anywhere, at any time, on any device. The solution requires no capital expenditures, so costly investments in servers and other expensive hardware is eliminated.</p>
Facial Authentication<p>​Aware, Inc., of Bedford, Massachusetts, introduced a FIDO Suite of software products that enable secure biometric authentication on mobile devices using facial “selfie” images. The first three products in FIDO Suite achieved certification in the three FIDO UAF categories required in a complete solution&#58; server, client, and authenticator. Aware FIDO Face Authenticator performs advanced active and passive liveness detection measures, as well as high-performance facial image autocapture, quality control, and biometric matching. It is compatible with Aware FIDO Client, as well as certified client products from other suppliers. Aware FIDO Server is similarly certified, interoperable, and available as a module of Aware’s Biometric Services Platform.</p>