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Drone Controllers<p>​Brivo of Bethesda, Maryland, added two new door access controllers to its product lines. The ACS6000 is a powerful plug-compatible update to the ACS5000 controller, adding higher credential capacity, OSDP reader support, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity. The ACS300 is a two-door controller that features a built-in Bluetooth mobile credential reader, optional Wi-Fi connectivity, and power over Ethernet. The company also introduced the Authentic Mercury open platform, which operates on Brivo’s cloud-based access control system Brivo OnAir. The solution combines physical access control, video surveillance, and mobile credentialing in a unified cloud-based security platform.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0517%20Brivo%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Drone Defense<p>​San Francisco–based Dedrone offers the DroneTracker software platform, which provides airspace monitoring to protect arenas and stadiums from unfriendly drones. Drones have unique communications signals that can be detected via cameras, Wi-Fi, and radio frequency, so users can identify whether the aerial threat is a drone or other aircraft. Users can also distinguish between an approved drone and rogue ones. DroneTracker can help a security guard locate the pilot. If the pilot can’t be located, security personnel can emit an alert or light to prevent the drone’s camera from taking unauthorized images.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0517%20Dedrone%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Drone Detection<p>​Kelvin Hughes of North London, United Kingdom, launched a new drone detection system. The SMS-D is an integrated, medium-range, radar-based surveillance system designed to detect and track small aerial targets. Based on the company’s SharpEye X-Band solid-state radar transceiver technology, it can detect drones at a distance of up to 1.5 kilometers (almost 1 mile). The system provides continuously updated bearing, distance, altitude, and velocity data. It identifies targets automatically through its video tracking system. It can accommodate a combination of radar, optical, and thermal imaging devices to provide 360 degrees of surveillance. The system can be mounted on a permanent structure or a vehicle.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0517%20Kevin%20Hughes%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Media Destruction<p>​The SEM Model 0205EMD from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, destroys solid-state drive media-containing devices to waste particles of 30 millimeters squared or smaller and meets DIN 66399 Standard E-4. Destruction is accomplished through patent pending destruction shafts with pyramidal shaped elements. Electronic media are crushed between two rotating shafts and fall into a collection container for simple, hands-free collection of waste material. The compact unit features a touchscreen operator interface and an interlocked feeding system to prevent jams.</p>
IP Cameras<p>​New four-megapixel cameras from Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, come complete with a junction box. They include built-in power over Ethernet, true day/night operation via an infrared cut filter, adaptive LEDs, and two-way audio communications. A micro SD card slot allows for edge recording, and the cameras feature wide dynamic range. Conformant with ONVIF Profile S, the units offer an infrared range of up to 89 feet. Some models are weather and vandal resistant</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0517%20Speco%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
<p>​<span style="font-size&#58;11pt;font-family&#58;calibri, sans-serif;">Video Mount Products of Stevensville, Maryland, offers a rack-mounted sliding shelf for easy access to equipment. The One Rack Unit ER-SS1U offers a maximum extension of 13.8 inches and a useable shelf area of 16.3 x 13.8 inches. It can handle a load of 35 pounds. When not in use, the shelf retracts flush to the rack and locks into place to prevent drifting. Finished with a black static-resistant powder coat, it comes with mounting screws.&#160;</span></p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0517%20VMP%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
IP Cameras<p>​Honeywell of Northford, Connecticut, expanded its Performance Series IP Family to include new, affordable, easy-to-install 1080p and 4MP wide dynamic range IP cameras. The easy-to-use cameras deliver high-quality video, easy integration with other solutions, and improved user account security with enhanced risk reduction, lowering installation, operation, and maintenance costs. The range includes 15 new IP cameras in mini dome, micro dome, ball, and bullet designs. Select cameras include motorized focal zoom technology, which automatically focuses the lens after zooming.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0317%20Honeywell%20PS%20IP%20R2%20Family%20Image%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Camera Access Control<p>​​Genetec of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, introduced new AutoVu SharpV automatic license plate recognition cameras, which deliver physical access control capabilities when paired with the Synergis Cloud Link appliance. Access to a facility’s gates can be managed by granting or denying access based on vehicle license plates assigned to cardholders as credentials. The cameras offer additional analytics to provide insights based on the license plates.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0317%20Genetec%20SC%205.6%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Mobile Cameras<p>​Bolide Technology Group of San Dimas, California, offers a video camera solution for vehicles. The integrated surveillance technology protects fleet assets by providing around-the-clock surveillance from both inside and outside the vehicles. It offers ultra HD resolution for convincing visual evidence in case of accident. Recorded data can be downloaded from the vehicle’s DVR to network drives. Mobile software offers vehicle health monitoring, driver performance analysis, and arrival notification, among other diagnostics. GPS integration helps users keep tabs on drivers, fuel consumption, and more.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0517%20Bollide%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Data Verification<p>​Viakoo of Mountain View, California, offers automated surveillance and access data verification that can remain within a company’s firewall. Viakoo OnPremises Edition was developed for organizations with policies that restrict the use of cloud-based solutions. It minimizes surveillance and security system downtime to ensure that actionable data is captured and retained properly. It runs advanced system analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended courses of action to ensure that surveillance and access control system operations are fully documented and in continuous compliance. It can be accessed remotely via smartphone or PC by authorized personnel.&#160;</p>