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IP Storage<div class="body"> <p> <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);"> <strong>Intransa </strong> </span>of San Jose, California, has introduced the StorStac StarterBlock to reduce the cost of video surveillance while increasing video reliability and retention. Flexible in design, the unit features the StorStac Video Storage Administrator, which allows the unit to be quickly set up. Basic configurations are offered with two or four terabytes of RAID-protected, hot-swap disk capacity in a rack-mountable 1U component. The system can be expanded to 16 terabytes of storage requiring only 3U of rack space. While StarterBlock is intended to support a few DVRs, the full StorStac family grows by modules and can reach 1,500 terabytes for years of retention capacity. <span style="FONT-SIZE&#58;12pt;FONT-FAMILY&#58;&quot;Times New Roman&quot;;"></span></p> </div>
Secure Locking<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="261" /> </div> <p>Trident Multi-Point Locks from <span style="COLOR&#58;#ff0000;"><strong>Securitech Group, Inc</strong></span>., of Maspeth, New York, provide deadbolt locking with maximum resistance to break-ins. Code-compliant, single-motion exiting retracts all moving bolts simultaneously. The stainless steel deadbolts project one inch into the frame, and a hinge-side bolt protects the door against hinge-side attacks. The bottom locking module bolts into the frame instead of into the floor to prevent malfunctioning and service calls. All locking modules are thru-bolted, including the stainless steel anti-pry plate. Self-relocking and manual relocking models offer options for battery operation, direct power, signal output for alarms, keyed entry, and access control integration. Single- and double-door models are available. </p> </div>