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Anomaly Detection<p>​Atlanta-based NexDefense has announced the availability of Sophia, an industrial network anomaly detection (INAD) system. It gives engineers, security analysts, and control system operators in critical infrastructure and defense facilities the real-time knowledge needed to maintain system integrity and to combat sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Sophia is built specifically for automation and control systems and bolsters security compliance without sacrificing productivity, optimization, or performance.&#160;</p>
Audio Intercom<p><span style="font-size&#58;11pt;font-family&#58;calibri, sans-serif;">Model AOPSP-PB is a wall-mount speakerphone with a 5/8-inch vandal-resistant call button. New from Louroe Electronics of Van Nuys, California, the system interfaces with various modes of audio and video transmission systems such as IP network cameras, wireless video servers, digital video recorders, and more. It contains a built-in microphone and 4-inch speaker for providing bi-directional audio with the receiving devices. Gain adjust potentiometers for listen and talkback are located on the side of the of the PC board. It comes with two back boxes for both flush and wall mounting.&#160;</span>​</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0215%20Louroe%20Electronics%20Marketplace.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Compact NVR<p>​American Dynamics of Westford, Massachusetts, a Tyco Security Products Company, has announced VideoEdge Micro, a compact version of the VideoEdge network video recorder. Ideal for businesses with limited space and those that want an IP-only solution, the recorder is easy to set up and use. An embedded PoE switch detects and provides power to IP cameras, while an auto-discovery feature identifies and helps assign IP addresses to cameras on the network. It includes sophisticated features such as embedded analytics so even the smallest retailer can employ heat mapping and shelf-sweep detection. The recorder allows users to view high-quality video even through narrow bandwidth connections.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0215%20Tyco%20(IS)%20American%20Dyanmics_VideEdge%20Marketplace.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Image Sensor<p>​OmniVision Technologies, Inc., of Santa Clara, California, announced the latest addition to its lineup of security imaging solutions. Using frontside illumination technology, the 1/3-inch OV9750 can capture both visible and near-infrared video in high-definition (HD) format, as well as HD analog and 720p HD. Built on a 3.75-micron Omni­Pixel3-HS pixel architecture, the imager captures clear images and video. The sensor is capable of operating in SXGA (1280 x 960) resolution at 60 frames per second with 10-bit output, or at 45 frames per second with 12-bit output.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0215%20OmniVision%20Marketplace.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Outdoor Display Lights<p>Osram Opto Semiconductors of Sunnyvale, California, has launched the Displix Oval, an LED with oval light-radiating characteristics for large-screen video walls and digital road signs. Thanks to a compact housing measuring just 2.1 x 2.7 x 1.5 mm (including lens), almost twice as many LEDs can now be mounted on a board than with ordinary radial diodes, doubling both the pixel density and the resolution of displays. As a result, the images displayed are extremely vivid with a high color homo­geneity. The surface-mountable device has a black housing, which further increases the image quality.​</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0215%20Osrom%20Opto.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Smoke Detection<p>​​NOTIFIER of Northford, Connecticut, a Honeywell company, has introduced the FAAST XT 9400X conventional aspirating smoke detector, designed to provide early warning of smoke for large spaces. The unit can support a network of up to four pipes to protect as much as 28,800 square feet per detector, making it ideal for large open spaces, such as warehouses. All FAAST detectors continually sample air through their pipes to analyze air and quickly decipher incipient fire conditions as early as 30 to 60 minutes before a fire actually starts. FAAST employs a series of advanced algorithms to practically eliminate nuisance alarms. A three-stage filtration system makes it ideal for detecting fires in harsh environments.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0215%20Notifier%20Marketplace.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />