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Dual Biometric Access<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="96" /> </div> <p> <strong> <span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);">MorphoTrack, Inc.</span> </strong>, of Alex­an­dria, Virginia, has introduced the MorphoAccess VP Series, a range of physical access control terminals that integrate multimodal technology combining finger vein and fingerprint bi­ometrics. The technology offers security and accuracy that outperform single-mode devices. The terminals operate via power over Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi, and have received FBI PIV-IQS and IP65 certifications. Terminals are easy to install and connect, and they offer enhanced antispoofing capabilities. They also feature an intu­i­­tive user interface with positioning guides, finger presence detection, and multitone buzzer. </p> </div>
PATROL SYSTEM<div class="thumbnail"><img title="" alt="" src="/migration/PublishingImages/1211%20D3%20Security%20Marketplace%20copy.gif" width="144" height="100" /></div><p>D3 Guard Tour is a mobile technology solution from <strong><span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);">D3 Security Management Systems</span></strong> of Vancouver, British Columbia, Ca­nada. It manages officer presence and captures all of the data generated from daily security operations. That data can be used to identify incident hot spots, allocate resources, manage assets and facilities, and optimize security operations. The solution is deployed on a ruggedized pocket PC device. Officers can record incident data, scan checkpoints, view operating procedures, and dispatch notes from the field. Incident analysis capabilities use an interactive map to show users exactly where incidents are occurring. Information is synchronized with D3’s Web-based incident reporting and case management software. </p>
Thermal Analytics<p><strong><span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);">FLIR</span></strong> of Portland, Oregon, and <strong><span style="COLOR&#58;rgb(255,0,0);">VideoIQ</span></strong> of Bedford, Massachusetts, have developed a premium solution to provide analytics, edge NVR storage, and IP video encoding for FLIR’s high-performance thermal cameras. When joined with FLIR’s SR- and F-Series cameras, the Thermal Analytics Pro­cessor creates effective and affordable off-the-shelf solutions for perimeter thermal security. The adaptive analytics are tuned to get the most out of FLIR’s high-resolution thermal cameras, with analytic solutions that go beyond simple video motion detection, enabling users to automatically classify detected objects as people, vehicles, or boats, and delivering accuracy while dramatically reducing false alarms. The processor provides 160 gigabytes of on-board NVR storage and encodes analog video from a FLIR camera into an IP video signal. </p>