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Mobile Video Monitoring<div class="body"> <p> <span class="style1"> <strong>CoVi Technologies</strong> </span>has introduced Crystal HD v.2.2 software that gives security personnel the ability to access a single stream of video surveillance remotely through a PDA and four simultaneous streams of video surveillance on a wireless-enabled notebook computer. This capability provides improved situational awareness for law enforcement and security professionals so they can assess a potentially dangerous situation before they arrive. Video is available via a Web browser on Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA that is connected to a wireless network. For security, access to the surveillance network is available only to authorized viewers. The software supports Media Player Pro, all CoVi digital cameras, and Seagate’s 500- and 760-gigabyte drives, and it can record video in HD up to 7.5 frames per second </p> </div>
Asset Tracking<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="104" /> </div> <p>Arco-Track GPRS offers the next generation of GPS tracking for security bags, high-value assets, and personal property. <strong><span class="style1">A. Rifkin Company</span></strong> of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the device is a self-contained WASS-enabled tracking device that offers position reporting to within 3 meters 95 percent of the time. When placed inside bags, vehicles, or packages, the device provides real-time reports of receiver location and a detailed history of routes traveled. It uses mapping technology that incorporates three-dimensional maps, satellite images, and aerial photography to provide accurate tracking. Users can track items via the Web from a PC or from a cell phone, allowing the user to follow the progress while in the field. Users can set asset protection perimeters using the system’s location awareness technology. The system uses patented SiRF Star III Technology to provide extra-sensitive reception outdoors, indoors, and event through metal. </p> </div>
Crime Risk Database<div class="body"> <p> <span class="style1"> <strong>CAP Index, Inc.</strong>, </span> of Exton, Pennsylvania, has announced the completion of its 2007 U.S. database. The new information is now available on the CRIMECAST System, which allows Internet-based access to the company’s crime vulnerability database. Customers use reports and maps in the system to assess crime risk at specific locations and make security and risk-management decisions. According to CAP Index executives, improved data gathering and reporting techniques in the public and private sectors have led to stronger information in the database, helping the company’s clients get a better view of crime and loss risk at all their sites. Updates to the Canadian and United Kingdom databases are scheduled for the summer. </p> </div>
Disaster Planning<div class="body"> <p> <strong> <span class="style1">Huffmaster</span> </strong> of Troy, Michigan, offers disaster planning and response services. Specialists review existing recovery plans, and identify their strengths and weaknesses, developing a plan and testing it via tabletop reviews and full-scale exercises. Once a crisis occurs, the company responds with experienced, trained command officers to coordinate security efforts with local officials. Uniformed officers serve as visual deterrent to crimes against people and property, and armed officers are positioned to protect high-value assets and escort recovery teams. Other services include provision of generators, food, fuel, and water, as well as sleeping, shower, and restroom facilities. Mobile command posts equipped with satellite phones and dishes for Internet access can be deployed, and the company can also provide support equipment such as vehicles, computers, fax machines, and wireless phones. </p> </div>
Miniature Dome Camera<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img title="" alt="" src="http&#58;//" width="144" height="114" /> </div> <p>A new miniature dome camera from <strong><span class="style1">Speco Technologies</span></strong> of Amityville, New York, offers resolution of 540 lines, low-light sensitivity of 0.5 lux, and tamper resistance. The HT-647HRTP uses a 1/3-inch Sony HQ-1 imaging sensor with a wide-angle 3.6-mm lens to produce sharp pictures. The snap-on Chameleon Cover converts the housing from standard dark gray to decorator white, and it can be painted any color to match surroundings. The camera is wall and ceiling mountable using an internal three-axis mount for versatility. The camera is also available in a model with standard resolution of 420 lines. </p> </div>
Security Light<div class="body"> <p> <strong> <span class="style1">Master Halco</span> </strong> of Orange, California, is offering a new solar-powered LED security light through a partnership with <strong><span class="style1">SOL Inc.</span></strong> of Palm City, Florida. The SecureLight LED lamp is brighter and lasts longer than typical solar lighting. A MaxLite reflector maximizes light utilization and eliminates light pollution. It can be expected to last 100,000 hours, running on renewable energy from dusk to dawn. The vandal-resistant light has a five-day battery backup. Built to withstand hurricane-force winds, it stands on a 12-foot-high pole that can be mounted on a concrete base or attached to a perimeter security fence. It is especially useful in remote sites with no access to electrical lines. </p> </div>