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Wireless Touch Switches<p>​SureWave second-generation touchless switches from camden door controls of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, operate using the Lazerpoint RF wireless system. All SureWave line-powered touchless switches, including the CM-331 (one-relay) and CM-332 (two-relay) models, have the option for adding a plug-in Lazerpoint RF wireless transmitter. The transmitter is also compatible with the CM-333 battery-powered model, which features both request-to-exit and external door contact inputs. Switches offer a door status light ring, polycarbonate or stainless steel faceplates, and a 1-inch to 6-foot sensor range.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0117%20Marketplace%20Camden%20Doors%20CM-330%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
IP Cameras<p>​March Networks of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, introduced its ME4 Series Cameras, which incorporate high dynamic range to deliver clear video in all lighting conditions. The ME4 Outdoor IR Dome offers dynamic infrared technology that adjusts the camera’s lighting to ensure proper exposure and enables images at distances of more than 131 feet in the dark. The ME4 IR MicDome includes a moisture-protected microphone for complete video and audio capture in a compact unit. The ME4 IR Bullet Camera offers remote zoom and focus, plus an IP66 rating for watertight installation. The ME4 Box Camera offers automatic backfocus to easily fine-tune the field of view.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0117%20March%20Cameras%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Bulletproof Shield<p>​The Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) from force training institute of Sherman Oaks, California, looks like a laptop bag, but it is also a lightweight, discreet ballistic shield. Designed for everyday use, its expandable utility pouch can carry a handgun, laptop, or other items. A simple motion deploys a 3-foot-long blanket of protection to defeat impacts from most handgun threats, plus attacks with blunt objects and edged weapons. The one-piece seamless design weighs eight pounds. It is certified NIJ Level IIIA by a U.S. Department of Justice–approved laboratory.</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0117%20Force%20Bag%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
IP Camera Analytics<p>​Tyco Security Products of Westford, Massachusetts, introduced new camera analytics for Illustra cameras. Designed to minimize operator time searching video and to improve operational efficiencies, the analytics can be configured for real-time and forensic use. They automatically analyze captured video and alert users of specific detected activities. With the analytics on the edge, there is no need for a dedicated analytics server. They are easily integrated with exacqVision network video recorders and software and American Dynamics VideoEdge network recorders. Among the items detected are removed objects, abandoned objects, loitering, enter/exit triggers, and crowd formation.&#160;</p>
Video Management<p>​Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, released its Video Management System 7.0 software, which allows security operators to effectively manage high-resolution video streams. The software enables the user to keep multiple Ultra High Definition cameras open without slowing the application. Streamlining technology automatically shows optimal video resolution on the screen, lowering resolution when operators are viewing multiple cameras simultaneously and enhancing the resolution when needed. Another new feature is encrypted communication between Bosch cameras and the video system. An IT security guide explains how to set up a secure system.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0117%20Bosch%20Station%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
NYC Evacuation Service<p>​plan b marine of New York City offers a maritime evacuation service that allows clients to pilot its boats from various locations in Manhattan to an off-island location in an emergency. The service provides storage, maintenance, and training in the operation of the U.S. Coast Guard–class SAFE boats. They are activated by a security code and tracked by GPS to be recovered and recommissioned when subscribers have reached their destinations. The boats feature an ergonomic design with reinforced aluminum self-righting hulls and foam collars that can withstand rigorous conditions.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0117%20Plan%20B%20Boat%20copy.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />