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Body Cameras<p>​AEE Technology of Los Angeles, California, introduced the P60 body camera in the United States. It supports interphone/intercom equipment, such as walkie-talkies, allowing pairing with those communication devices. Videos and photos can be broadcast on a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, up to 300 feet away. Motion detection recording initiates recording, and the camera can record eight hours of continuous video on each battery charge. Video is captured in 1080-pixel resolution at 30 frames per second, with a high resolution of 22 megapixels. An ultra-wide angle lens captures a large scene, and 32 gigabytes of built-in memory preserves the files.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0116%20Marketplace%20AEE-60-Body-Camera.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
Dome Camera<p>​The HT7246T is a new Intensifier T HD-TVI 1080p 2MP dome camera from Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York. The camera offers full HD resolution over coax at 30 frames per second. It offers wide dynamic range, superior low-light performance, and a Chameleon Cover that snaps on and can be painted to match any surroundings. The camera amplifies existing light and offers heater circuitry and anti-moisture glass. The vandal- and tamper-resistant unit is IP67 compliant for outdoor use, and it includes a five-year warranty.&#160;</p>
Remote Lighting<p>​An improved version of the 9440 Remote Area Lighting System from Peli Products of Barcelona, Spain, offers upgraded functionality. The system has more lumen output, with 5,300 lumens on the high setting (1.5 hours of battery life), 2,800 lumens on medium (4 hours), and 1,400 lumens on low (8 hours). A high-efficiency lithium-ion battery allows the area light to be left on the charger indefinitely and has a battery level indicator. It is compatible with a Bluetooth Peli smartphone app for remote activation and battery management. The unit includes a self-deploying tripod and an internal telescoping pole that reaches 2.13 meters; the light head articulates both vertically and horizontally.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0116%20Peli%20Products%201.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />
RFID Inlays<p>​Smartrac of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, introduced a comprehensive range of RAIN RFID inlays based on the latest Monza R6-P chip from Impinj Inc. of Seattle, Washington. The inlays are optimized for serializing items, such as apparel and consumer goods, and they are particularly useful for loss prevention and brand protection in retail environments. Brand owners, service bureaus, or retailers can write a store code into the user memory of each item’s tag chip. Then, an exit gate can register whether a tagged item is sold or not. Using the Kill Command and a password, the tag can be rendered unreadable once the item is sold to ensure customer privacy. Chip memory can also store brand protection codes for verification by retailers or others.&#160;</p>
Solar Light Tower <p>​Larson Electronics of Kemp, Texas, released a solar powered generator with a pneumatic light tower mast equipped with four 120-watt LED light heads, six solar panels, a solar charging system, a battery bank, and a 30-foot pneumatic mast mounted on a trailer with outriggers and a removable tongue. The SPLT-1.5K-750A-30-4XWP120-LED has a 1.5-kilowatt solar generator system that replenishes 363 amp hours of usable battery capacity per day. Solar panels are mounted to a rotating axis assembly for easier transport and positioning. The trailer houses a wire raceway that brings power to the light mast. The unit is fully solar and requires no fuel to operate.&#160;</p><img alt="" src="/ASIS%20SM%20Product%20Images/0116%20Larson%20Electronics%20.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />