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Risk Assessment<div class="body"> <p> <font color="#ff0000"> <strong>Pitney Bowes MapInfo </strong> </font>of Troy, New York, and London-based <strong><font color="#ff0000">Exclusive Analysis </font></strong>have worked together to create TerrorRisk, a terrorism risk assessment tool for the insurance industry. The product combines Exclusive Analysis terrorism forecasting expertise with MapInfo’s location intelligence. It uses fact-based, location-specific metrics to score&#160; the likely severity of violent risks to more than 3,700 global points of interest, giving insurers and risk managers information for more insightful underwriting, rating, and risk-selection decisions. Users can evaluate terrorism risk exposures by building, across target types, and by political or geographical boundaries. Easily integrated into existing analytical work suites, the tool enables insurers to carry out terrorism exposure location analytics, portfolio risk management, risk proximity analysis, and street-level terrorism risk assessment. </p> </div>
Glass Protection<div class="body"> <p>VehicleGARD is an adhesive glass-protecting film that can withstand flying debris and attempted penetration by tools such as tire irons and pipes, protecting a vehicle’s passengers. Made by <font color="#ff0000"><strong> ShatterGARD </strong></font>of Doraville, Georgia, the film also keeps windows intact if they are broken, preventing the broken glass from turning into a shower of sharp pieces that could injure people. The film does not become yellow over time and will not add extra weight to a vehicle. Glass protection kits are custom cut to fit any window. The film can be installed by a professional dealer, or vehicle owners can order a self-installation kit, which includes an instructional DVD. </p> </div>