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Cargo Screening<div class="body"> <div class="thumbnail"> <img width="144" height="118" src="http&#58;//" alt="" /> </div> <p> <span class="style1">American Science and Engineering </span>of Billerica, Massachusetts, has introduced Z Portal, its second-generation multiview drive-through screening system for detecting stowaways, explosives, and other contraband in cars, vans, and trucks at congested security checkpoints and border crossings. The portal, available in two sizes, uses Z Backscatter imaging to produce images from three sides of the cargo—left, right, and top—to offer maximum detection capability. The technology allows safe scanning of the entire vehicle, permitting the driver to remain in the cab and speeding up screening to facilitate traffic flow. The flexible design is easily integrated with existing high-energy inspection systems for maximum detection capability. </p> </div>
Employee Theft Solution<div class="body"> <p> <span class="style1">IntelliVid </span>of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has developed an intelligent point-of-sale video interface module to target the problem of employee theft in retail settings. Managers can instantly view and evaluate employees who are processing atypical transactions, such as unusually large purchases or merchandise returns. The system’s video analysis capabilities can determine, for example, if a return is processed without a customer standing nearby. The solution is currently in testing with a luxury retailer, and delivery dates will be announced following completion of testing. </p> </div>