Government Agencies 2019 SM OnlineGP0|#21788f65-8908-49e8-9957-45375db8bd4f;L0|#021788f65-8908-49e8-9957-45375db8bd4f|National Security;GTSet|#8accba12-4830-47cd-9299-2b34a43444652019-05-01T04:00:00Z<h4>​BODY CAMERAS</h4><p><a href="">More than 80 percent of U.S. police agencies​</a> are either using body cams now or have plans to do so in the near future, according to a survey by the Police Executive Research Forum. </p><h4>POLICE USE OF BODY CAMS</h4><p> Washington, D.C., officials<a href=""> released the results of their own randomized controlled trial of body cam​</a> use by the city's police department. The study surprised many by finding that body cam use had no detectable effects on police discretion, as measured by arrests for disorderly conduct.</p><h4>​AGING INFRASTRUCTURE</h4><p>The vast, aging U.S. Coast Guard infrastructure includes piers, docks, and other facilities.<a href=""> The Coast Guard estimates that its backlog of improvement projects ​</a>would take $1.7 billion and nearly 400 years to address. </p><h4>MEXICO</h4><p><a href="">After a few years of declining murder rates, cartels in Mexico are locked​</a> in bloody turf wars, contributing to a dramatic rise in murders in 2017, according to a report from Stratfor.  </p><h4>911 TECHNOLOGY</h4><p><a href="">A new white paper explores how 911 communication centers can navigate ​</a>Next Generation 911 technologies and the FirstNet public safety broadband network.</p><h4>IT SUPPLY CHAIN</h4><p>The U.S. Government Accountability Office<a href=""> assessed supply chains that U.S. federal agencies use to procure IT systems.​</a> </p><h4>​PRIVACY IN EUROPE</h4><p>The European Union <a href="">began enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018,</a> forcing organizations to comply with vast privacy and data security regulations. </p><h4>PRIVACY IN CALIFORNIA<br></h4><p>California's Consumer Privacy Act <a href="">has similar privacy requirements as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation</a> and goes into effect on 1 January 2020.</p><h4>CENSUS</h4><p>The U.S. Supreme Court will <a href="">review a challenge a citizenship question in the 2020 census.​</a> </p><h4>SEXUAL HARASSMENT<br></h4><p><a href="">The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that employers may be liable for not effectively addressing and stopping rumors​</a> of an alleged sexual relationship between a female employee and a male supervisor. </p><h4>TSA</h4><p>Two U.S. Congressmen reintroduced legislation to<a href=""> improve the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) frontline workforce​</a>, granting TSA officers certain benefits. </p><h4>RACIAL DISCRIMINATION<br></h4><p><a href="">The New York Commission on Human Rights issued new guidelines ​</a>outlining that segregating people based on their hair or hairstyles is a type of racial discrimination. </p><h4>​SEXUAL MISCONDUCT</h4><p>The Nevada Gaming Commission<a href=""> fined casino magnate Steve Wynn's former company a record $20 million​</a> for failing to investigate sexual misconduct claims against Wynn. </p><h4>CORRUPTION<br></h4><p>Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau indicted the country's opposition leader, <a href="">Shahbaz Sharif, of corruption charges related to a housing scheme.​</a></p><h4>TRANSGENDER DISCRIMINATION</h4><p>An Iowa District Court<a href=""> ordered the state to pay a transgender nurse $120,000 in damages​</a> due to gender-related discrimination. </p><h4>FIREARMS</h4><p>New York's Senate Bill S101A would <a href="">restrict schools' ability to authorize the possession of a weapon​</a> on school grounds to certain officers or agents of a law enforcement agency. </p><h4>GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWNS<br></h4><p>The U.S. Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019<a href=""> requires federal government or D.C. public employees​</a> furloughed or required to work during a lapse in appropriations to be compensated for the lapse on the earliest date possible after the lapse ends.</p><h4>SEXUAL ASSAULT<br></h4><p><a href="">New York's Senate Bill S2440 (19R) pauses the statute of limitations for criminal and civil prosecution​</a> for sexual offenses committed against children, so the clock does not begin to run until the victim turns 23. </p><h4>FAMILY LEAVE<br></h4><p>New Jersey's S2528 (18R) expands the state's paid family leave program, <a href="">doubling how much time employees can take off for the care of a new child or sick relative​</a>, and raising pay received during the absence.</p><h4>AGE DISCRIMINATION</h4><p>The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit <a href="">ruled that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act does not provide age bias protection to job applicants​</a> who allege they were victimized by disparate impact discrimination.</p><h4>TRANSPARENCY</h4><p>The Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled against police unions, finding that secret records of police misconduct and shootings, even ones filed before 2018,<a href=""> must be released under a new state transparency law, SB 1421.</a></p><p><br></p>

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