SSR 2019 salary survey

Today in Security: SSR Personnel & Executive Profiles Releases its 2019 Annual European Salary Survey

​​​In partnership with ASIS International, the SSR Personnel & Executive Profiles 2019 annual European salary survey was released earlier this month. The survey collected data from more than 12,000 security professionals from across 40 business sectors including finance & insurance, manufacturing, extractives, e-commerce, FMCG, and logistics. The European Union has an estimated population of 512 million, with 213 million employed, while reported unemployed citizens was just shy of 16 million.

European Salary Survey 2019.pdf

According to the survey, “44 percent of respondents increased their salary through annual review, 20 percent by changing their jobs, 18 percent through increased responsibility, and 7.9 percent through formal job revaluation.” 67 percent had some form of regional responsibility, and in an increase from 2018, 72 percent were members of a professional association.

The 2018 SSR survey​ noted a gap between supply and demand for cyber specialists, and 2019 results indicate t​hat those taking on cyber roles are experiencing the most significant salary increases. The growing demand for cybersecurity personnel seems to run in parallel to economic impacts of cybercrime, with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development pred​i​cting that cybercrimes will cost the world €6 trillion (approximately $6.691 trillion USD) by 2021—surpassing the combined global trade of all major illegal drug cartels. You can find out more about finding and retaining cyber talent in the July 2019 issue of Security Management.

“For the first year, we have offered greater dissemination in Europe due to the increased salary data requirement from European businesses. We are planning already for next year and a presentation at ASIS Europe 2020 – From Risk to Resilience in Prague 1st – 3rd April 2020,” Peter French, CPP, managing director of SSR Personnel said. You can learn more about upcoming ASIS International global events, and the highlights of past events, here.