India Evacuates 1.2 Million Ahead of Cyclone

Today in Security: India Evacuated 1.2 Million Ahead of Cyclone

​​More than a million people were evacuated in India before Cyclone Fani made landfall this weekend, bringing with it gusts of up to 43 miles per hour and submerging at least 36 villages along the coast.

In Puri, the town where Fani made landfall, storm surges and winds up to 125 mph damaged power lines, uprooted trees, and blew off roofs. Fani is one the strongest cyclones to hit India in the past 20 years.

“There has been massive, massive damage here…but fortunately, thanks to the people who forecasted this and told us the minute-to-minute movement of the cyclone, the government has been able to evacuate 1.2 million people,” said Arun Borthra, inspector general of Orissa police, to the BBC. 

​​By Thursday, 2 May, 30 percent of targeted evacuees had been moved to safer places while the storm approached. All doctors’ and health officials’ leave was cancelled through 15 May, and all police personnel were asked to immediately report for duty in preparation for the storm and its aftermath, NDTV reported.

According to the BBC, at least 16 people were killed by the storm when it hit India on 3 May, but the loss of life could have been much worse without the preemptive evacuations. In 1999, a super-cyclone killed 10,000 people along the coast of the northeastern Indian state of Orissa (also known as Odisha).  

The next phase of returning residents to their homes has already started, and the restoration process is underway. 

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