Executive Travel Security Threats

Today in Security: Executive Travel Top Threats


Security Management partnered with Groundwork Global in August 2018 to conduct research on trends in executive travel security. Asked to choose the three top threats, more security managers identified (1) assault or physical attack (57 percent); (2) medical emergencies or personal illness (45 percent); and (3) kidnapping, ransom/extortion, and piracy (36 percent) than other threats, with cybercrime and hacking (35 percent) close behind.

While protests and civil unrest (29 percent) and terrorism and sabotage (26 percent) were identified by many security managers as major travel threats, war and military conflict (3 percent) is not a major concern.

We also asked security managers if their executive travel security plan adequately addressed the three top issues they identified (no matter which three they identified); nearly three-quarters said that the plan did, while 15 percent said it did not. The rest were unsure.

Groundwork Global used the survey data and other qualitative analysis to generate the report Securing Our Corporate Leaders: A Survey of Executive Protection Practices, which is available on its site for free with registration.

​Methodology: Security Management surveyed ASIS international members and customers. Over two weeks, 622 people responded to the survey. Individual question responses ranged from 400 to 600 responses.