Challenges in Crisis Management

Today in Security: Challenges in Crisis Management

​​​Security Management's research arm recently teamed up with Dataminr to study how security management prepares for and operates during times of crisis. One question presented several challenges that organization’s might face in critical moments and asked respondents to identify all of the ones that their organizations have struggled with during a crisis. As the bars of the chart indicate, no single challenge stands alone as a particularly sore spot. Being unable to make decisions because there is not a solid understanding of the situation tops the list at 40 percent. The spread to the challenge least identified—struggling to provide executive leadership with timely and accurate status updates—is only 15 points.



Diving into the area of information gathering, which is a key component in most of the primary challenges organization’s face when in crisis, we see that, at 79 percent, law enforcement is the top-rated resource to gather information about an incident. That might be such an obvious answer that one might wonder what is wrong with the 20 percent of respondents who did not choose it as a top resource. Applying a little critical analysis, one reason might be that waiting on law enforcement as a top resource could hamper quick decision making. Television news (77 percent), online new sources (68 percent), and mainstream social media (66 percent) all also scored highly as top resources during times of crisis.