Arizona Flash Flood Leaves Nine Dead and One Missing, Israel Increases Security at Site of Police Killings, Free Wi-Fi Term

Arizona Flood Turns Deadly, Israel Increases Security, Australia Proposes Tough Cybersecurity Law, and More
  • Arizona's Gila County Sheriff's Department resumed the search this morning for a missing 13-year-old boy who was swept away by a​ flash flood at the Cold Springs swimming hole in Arizona's Tonto National Forest. At least nine people—four adults and five children—were killed in the flood, and four have been found alive, according to the Weather Channel. At least 40 people are involved in the search for the missing boy, along with specially trained search dogs.

  • Israel is implementing new security measures, such as checkpoints and metal detectors, at entrances to al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Jerusalem's most sensitive holy sites, reported The Washington Post. This follows the killing of two police officers at the site on Friday by Palestinian Muslims, who were also shot dead by security forces. The move was condemned by many in the Muslim world.
  • Users of free Wi-Fi don't read the terms an​d conditions before connecting. Purple, a United Kingdom–based technology firm that offers a free Wi-Fi platform that businesses can use to surveil their customers' shopping patterns, recently added a Community Service Clause to its usual terms and conditions for use that said people could be required to carry out 1,000 hours of community service to include things such as cleaning up animal waste in parks and scraping chewing gum off streets. About 22,000 people agreed to the terms.

  • Friday, the Australian government proposed a new cybersecurity law to force global technology companies such as Facebook and Google to help police by unscrambling encrypted messages sent by suspected extremists and other criminals, according to The New York Times. The new law would be modeled on Britain's Investigatory Powers Act, which gives intelligence agencies extensive surveillance powers. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that under the law, Internet companies would have the same obligations as phone companies to help law enforcement agencies.
  • In other news, Pakistan believes it needs to build a fence along its long porous border with Afghanistan, in part because of a lack of cooperation from authorities in Kabul. Credit card skimming thieves are using infrared communications to transmit stolen payment card data to a hidden camera located near the ATM. Senegal on Sunday suspended all sports and cultural events until elections at the end of the month, a day after eight people died in a footba​​ll stadium disaster, when a wall collapsed following a brawl and 60 people were injured.