Training Course Review: Predictive Profiling

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Training Course Review: Predictive Profiling

 **** * Predictive ProfilingCourse offered online by Chameleon Associates; (Web); $69 (individual two-week access).

When most members of the security and law enforcement professions hear the word “profile,” they immediately think of racial profiling, which is not permitted. This security training course from Chameleon Associates, however, approaches profiling from an extremely different perspective.
The course is intended to help the user conduct situational threat assessments that target security vulnerabilities. It highlights the need for an objective assessment in which the participant acknowledges and ignores any personal bias regarding the environment or subject of the assessment.
Chameleon’s approach requires a level of personal awareness that most of us do not have on a day-to-day level. Many would agree that constantly remaining at this increased level of awareness would be physically and emotionally tiring in the extreme.
Without a doubt this program lends itself to a teaching environment, where it would need to be run more than once so that trainees can see what they missed during the first viewing and learn from their mistakes. The program is filled with specific references and interactive scenarios in which the reviewer was hard pressed to discern the intended threat characters.
Predictive Profiling is a highly effective program, and one strongly recommended for training of security and law enforcement professionals.

Reviewer: Thomas W. Leo, CPP, is a consultant with JR Gettier and Associates. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he has worked in the security profession for more than 35 years and is a member of the ASIS Information Asset Protection Council.
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