Security Questioning 101

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Security Questioning 101

***** Security Questioning 101. By Chameleon Associates.; online course; $69.

Security Questioning 101 is the latest addition to the catalog of security-related courses offered by Chame­­le­on Associates—a security training and consulting firm. Its motto, Improving Security through Intelligence, certainly comes to life in this course as the student is taught to improve intelligence through effective questioning techniques.

The course introduces the student to the art of asking questions in the context of security to determine whether or not broad or specific threats exist. Varied teaching methodologies help deliver the subject matter in a concentrated yet attention-grabbing format. While the instruction is extremely beneficial to the security newcomer, it can also be used as refresher training for the veteran security professional.

This computer-based course permits students to complete it on their own schedule and in an environment comfortable for them. It allows the student to pause if necessary and even return to an earlier segment. A sidebar offers the complete course outline at a glance and lets students track their progress. A handy glossary can be accessed for clarification at any time during the course.

Security Questioning 101 walks the student through the processes of identifying a person of interest and then through the recommended steps designed to make the encounter most productive. The course is chock-full of multimedia material designed to directly support and reinforce the learning objectives. Much of this material is interactive and deepens the student’s involvement in the lesson, which strengthens the process and helps keep the student engaged, focused, and motivated.

The final part of the active-learning process is the interim summary and the end-of-course exam. The student gets immediate validation and a chance to review both the questions answered correctly and those requiring additional review.
Security Questioning 101 can help the security professional become more proficient in threat detection and mitigation. It can be taken as a standalone course or to augment other courses offered by the company.

Reviewer: Terry L. Wettig, CPP, is director of international security audits for Brink’s, Incorporated. A retired U.S. Air Force chief master sergeant, he is a member of ASIS International.