SM Online September 2018

Strategic Security
SM Online September 2018


Sexual harassment is a serious issue for women at all levels in academic sciences, engineering, and medicine, according to a recent study.​


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a resource guide​ and security plan overview for soft targets and crowded places.


More than one in four workers will leave their jobs this year, according to 2018 Retention Report: Truth & Trends in Turnover.​


To address the evolving cyber threat to political campaigns, the Harvard Belfer Center's Defending Digital Democracy project released The Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook.​


Two reports outline what widespread biological attacks might look like.


Research into risk and threat assessment best practices influences today's security approaches.


A report from Infoblox ​looks at the number of unsanctioned IoT devices connected to company networks in multiple countries and how employees are using them.


Employees may not band together with other employees to enforce claims of wage and hour violations if they've signed arbitration agreements to resolve them on an individual basis, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled.