New Report Finds that 142 Terror Attacks Hit EU in 2016

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New Report Finds that 142 Terror Attacks Hit EU in 2016

​In 2016, a total of 142 failed, foiled, and completed terrorist attacks were reported by eight European Union (EU) member states, according to the latest EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT), which Europol issued on Thursday.

More than half (76) of the attacks were reported by the United Kingdom. France reported 23 attacks, Italy 17, Spain 10, Greece 6, Germany 5, Belgium 4 and The Netherlands 1. Overall, 142 victims died in the terrorist attacks, with 379 injured.

The report also found that jihadism accounted for the most serious forms of terrorist activity, because nearly all reported fatalities and most of the casualties were the result of jihadist terrorist attacks. Explosives were used in 40 percent of the attacks, and women, young adults, and children are playing increasingly operational roles in committing terrorist activities.

The report provides an overview of terrorism activity that Europe faced in 2016. The largest number of attacks in which a terrorist affiliation could be identified were those carried out by separatist extremists and ethno-nationalists (99).

Diving deeper into that general category, the report found that attacks carried out by left-wing violent extremists have been on the rise since 2014. In 2016, they reached a total of 27; Italy was the country that reported the most (16). The total number of jihadist terrorist attacks decreased from 17 in 2015 to 13 attacks in 2016, of which 6 were linked to the so-called Islamic State (IS), 135 of the 142 victims of terrorist attacks in 2016 were killed in the 13 jihadist attacks.

The new report is the 10th annual edition of TE-SAT, which has been produced since 2007. The report can be found here: