2014 Editorial Calendar

January (Due Sept. 1)

Healthcare: Keeping Patients Safe in Disaster Scenarios
Physical Security: Perimeter Protection
Workplace Violence Prevention
Reputation Protection - New Tools and Trends
IT Risk Management in the Global Enterprise
ASIS President’s Profile

February (Due Oct. 1)

Hospitals: Emergency Room Security
Physical Security - Asset Tracking
Financial Services Security Case Study
Homeland Security: Visa Overstay Problem
Network Security: Real-time Intrusion Detection
Ethics Program--Best Practices

March (Due Nov. 1)

School Security: System Integration
Healthcare: Securing the Virtual Desktop
Physical Security: Museums – Motion Sensors and other Solutions
What’s New in Executive Protection
Hiring/Preemployment Screening Issues
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing CSO Function

April (Due Dec. 1)

Airport Security: Secure/Trusted Traveler Program
Event Security (Boston Marathon)
Data Protection/Record Destruction (Shredders and other solutions)
Physical Security: Target Hardening
Crisis Management/Response in Extreme Events
Educating and Mentoring the Next Generation of Security Professionals

May (Due Jan. 1)

Surveillance: Network Video Recorders and Storage Issues
Food Security
Fire Prevention/Detection/Response
Physical Security: ID Cards/Smartcards
Enterprise Security Risk Management
Succession Planning for Security Executives

June (Due Feb. 1)

Supply Chain Security
Travel Security: Protecting Employees with Tracking and Other Tools
Physical Security: Alarms and Access Control Best Practices
Corporate Espionage and Nation-State Hacking
Outsourcing: Negotiating Service Contracts
Getting C-Suite Buy-in for Security Projects

July (Due March 1)

Homeland Security: Mass Transit Security
Access Control Trends: Visitor Management Systems
Homeland Security: Radicalization: Causes and Countermeasures
High-Rise Buildings: Balancing Life-Safety and Security Concerns
Emergency Communications
Developing Leadership Skills

August (Due April 1)

K-12 School Security
Homeland Security: Screening Technology
Lodging: Evacuation Planning and Tools
Physical Security: VMS and PSIMs
White Collar Crime: Fraud Prevention, Detection
How Security Departments Add Value to the Company
(in ASIS News) 60th ASIS Anniversary//annual show upcoming 60th next year

September (Due May 1)

All-hazards Disaster Response Training
Gaming: Addressing the Active-Shooter Threat
Physical Security: Advances in No and Low-Light Cameras
University Campus Security: Case Study
Building an In-House Intelligence Function
Mobile Device Security Issues

October (Due June 1)

Retail Security: Video Analytics
Physical Security: Biometrics--Facial Recognition
Homeland Security: Maritime Security
Premises Liability Issues
Cybersecurity: Trends in Malware
Security Awareness: Best Practices and Metrics

November (Due July 1)

Utilities: Benchmarking for Best Practices
Physical Security: Security Lighting Update
Homeland Security: Border Security
Red Teams and Penetration Testing
Business Intelligence Tools
Public-Private Partnerships

December (Due August 1)

Homeland Security: Explosives Detection Technology
Healthcare: Layered Security and Internal Access Controls
Physical Security: Guard Tour Systems
Investigations:Tools, Tactics, and Legal Considerations
Computer Emergency Response Teams
Workplace Drug Testing